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August 2016 Archives

Co-Parenting after Divorce is Important for Your Child's Well-Being

The breakdown of a marriage creates new challenges for parents. Often, the loss of trust between spouses can create stressors and animosity. At the same time, children are often confused about why their parents are separating. Michigan courts evaluate the best interests of the children an addressing child custody and parenting time issues. But in a highly stressful time, parents often have trouble finding common ground in negotiating or mediating custody and visitation arrangements.

Can you seek compensation for misattributed paternity?

Paternity is the establishment of formal legal rights and relationships between a father and his children. It entails reciprocal duties. For example, the father must provide financial, emotional, and spiritual care to his children, i.e. buy them schoolbooks, purchase them food, and support meaningful recreational activities. Meanwhile, a father may inherit from his children and gains the right to contribute to the raising of his children. Misattributed paternity occurs when a father is wrongfully assigned paternity because he either is not biologically related to them or did not affirmatively accept legal responsibility for them. This post will address the legal issues surrounding misattributed paternity, compensation to which you may be entitled, and how these issues affect you.

CFPB proposes new rules on debt collection

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created under the Dodd-Frank reform bill passed in the wake of the 2008 financial meltdown. The CFPB's mission is to investigate and prevent predatory lending and debt collection practices similar to those that resulted in the sub-prime mortgages that triggered the meltdown. As part of that mission, CFPB also proposes new rules to regulate debt collection.

Does a domestic violence allegation impact child custody?

In short, anything that affects the child's well-being is considered by the court. That includes the location of a parent's home, for example, if it is near a chemical plant, which does not take safety seriously, or if a particular parent is defending against a domestic violence charge. This post will go over how a domestic violence allegation may impact your legal strategy and how you might be able to address it.

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