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June 2016 Archives

Don McLean and His Wife Agree to Divorce After 30 Years

Don Mclean, the famous artist behind the hit 1971 song 'American Pie', just ended his marriage of 30 years. The divorce comes after his ex-spouse filed court documents alleging a pattern of "adultery, cruel and abusive treatment, and irreconcilable differences". Mr. McLean may have become famous signing songs that paid tribute to an idyllic time but his personal life has recently become tumultuous.

How to prioritize which debts to pay, part 2

As discussed previously, there are strategies to managing your debt in an efficient manner. The trick is to prioritize those debts that are more caustic over those that are more manageable. The previous post suggested that you focus on the necessities and legal obligations. These are the expenses that you cannot avoid. You need to set aside money for food and shelter and you cannot avoid child support obligations. Once you get those expenses and debts under control, then you can focus on your loans. This post will review which loans you should focus on first.

Legal pitfalls in breaking-up with live-in partner

Cohabitating rates are rising and marriage rates are dropping. The United States is undergoing a rapid change in the concept of "family" and "marriage." This is an exciting and confusing time for many people. Unfortunately, the confusing extends into the legal arena. Family courts are not equipped to manage disputes between unmarried couples because marriage rights do not activate without marriage. This leaves many couples out in the cold and unsure of what to do next.

How do you choose the right mediator?

Mediation isn't for everyone. It is a good alternative if you and your ex-spouse can compromise and work together. It isn't a good option if there is too much emotion or vitriol driving you apart. If you can work together, then mediation can be the easiest option. Here are a few tips to guide you in picking the right mediator.

Oakland County Judge Embroiled in Family Law Controversy

Emotions often run high in matters of family law. When a divorce involves a protracted child custody dispute, emotions can run especially high. Some observers in Oakland County think a judge there might have been caught up in the emotional turmoil of a custody case and allowed anger to cloud her judgment and behavior.

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