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May 2016 Archives

Graying Divorce and the Effect on Adult Children

Older couples are getting divorced at increasing rates; some studies cite numbers as high as double the numbers from 1990. This has led to an explosion of research on how older couples cope with divorce. How do they handle healthcare insurance? How do they support two retirements? But very little research has been done into how this affects their adult children. This post will go over how adult children cope with recently divorced parents.

How to prioritize which debts to pay, part 1

As debts and personal finances spiral out of control, it is easy to feel like you cannot prevent any of the mail and incessant phone calls. Don't let those feelings of despair get you down. Your debt may seem insurmountable but it isn't. All it takes is a measured, logical approach to it. Once you have a plan, you can begin paying it down and organizing it. Once you are on that path, then you can determine if bankruptcy is the right choice. Here are a few steps on how to do just that.

Michigan child custody law and relocation

The job market has been challenging in places like Michigan. Gone are safe, union jobs at many of the automobile manufacturing plants that used call the state home. With the end of nearly guaranteed employment this used to provide, many parents have to change jobs more frequently as companies close or are taken over by interests far away from Michigan.

Five assets that make divorce challenging for the wealthy

A lot of people grow accustomed to a certain standard of living during marriage. But because divorce can change all of that, discussing property division can turn into a battle over who gets what and how much.

The divorce that works for you

Divorce is always personal. The process may appear to be uniform, relying on the same laws, courts and judges for everyone in Michigan, but because the people involved are always different, the process becomes different. Sometimes it all works very well and other times, things do not work well at all.

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