Divorced? Use The Holidays To Refocus On Your Child’s Best Interests

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2015 | Family Law, Firm News

For many divorced and divorcing partners, the holidays can be a time of unique stress. For their children, it can be even worse.

We would like to point you to some ideas for handling these issues.

The DivorceCare organization offers a number of proposals in its article, “Helping Children of Divorce Through the Holidays.”

The article adopts a Q&A format to address a variety of questions. These questions include, for instance:

  • The importance of routines for children during the holidays
  •  The causes of stress for children during the holidays
  • The role of anger in the lives of many children during these days
  • The place of guilt
  • New relationships for the parents
  • How to talk with your child about these issues

Those tips also help you should you ever need to modify your divorce agreement through some sort of post-judgment order.


Because, as was the case during the process of your divorce itself, the court continues to place the best interests of your child at the heart of your case. Doing so is not just a matter of the judge’s whim; it is a matter of legal requirements.

As a result, by staying focused on your child’s interests, you also put yourself in the best position to protect your rights and those of your children should it ever become necessary to change, for instance, alimony payments or child support.

To learn more about successful approaches to your legal needs and those of your children during the holiday season, particularly as they relate to any post-judgment needs, feel free to contact us.