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We can help Michigan retirees stop creditor harassment

Michigan residents who are senior citizens and are either in retirement or contemplating retirement would probably find a distressful financial situation particularly scary and perplexing. After all, there is less opportunity for seniors to recover a sense financial peace and security, particularly if they are no longer working full time hours.

Moreover, as a recent post on this blog reported, creditors and debt collectors sometimes use aggressive collection techniques against senior citizens, perhaps leaving them feeling vulnerable and without options.

Michiganders facing this sort of financial situation should not feel ashamed. Financial disasters, like a medical emergency, can happen while a person is in retirement can happen just as easily as they can to younger families. Sometimes, despite a person's best efforts, he or she simply has not saved up enough to retire but also can no longer continue to keep up with the physical or mental rigors of his or her work.

Furthermore, while it is true that aggressive collectors can in some situations be punished for their actions, in many cases the reality is that a debt is owed and collectors are simply not willing to be patient. In such cases, a bankruptcy may really be a senior citizen's best option for being able to enjoy the Golden Years.

Our law firm can help retirees consider and if necessary file and work through a bankruptcy. In addition to having knowledge of and experience with bankruptcy law, we also know that a bankruptcy is a tough and stressful decision for anyone, especially someone near retirement age. We will handle all cases with sensitivity and in confidence.

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