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October 2014 Archives

What rights does an unmarried father have?

Many unmarried individuals, particularly fathers, may have the wrong impression that because they were not married to their partner when a child was conceived and born that they do not have any parental rights. However, our Michigan parents will find it informative to learn that view is a relic of the past. In fact, several cases in the last few decades challenged this view, and the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed constitutional protections that should be afforded to a father particularly when that father has established a significant relationship with the child, and has played an active role in the upbringing of the child.

The best interests of the child standard in child custody cases

Most of our Michigan residents have likely heard about the "best interests of the child" standard that is routinely used in family law cases, in media reports about celebrity divorce and the like. But, what exactly does the best interests of the child mean in child custody cases and how does the court apply it in family law cases?

Actress Paula Patton files for divorce

Michigan fans of the American action spy movie Mission Impossible may find it interesting to learn that the female lead actress, Paula Patton of the latest Mission Impossible installment Ghost Protocol recently filed for divorce from her husband. According to reports, the couple had been separated for nearly eight months before Patton filed divorce paperwork.

Overview of family legal issues

When one thinks of family court, the very first image that comes to mind is a divorce proceeding. Though it is true that divorces occur in family court and involve child custody, child support and parenting time matters, many other family legal issues are also addressed in family court. These include annulments, paternity proceedings, stepparent adoptions, post-judgment matters, change of domicile hearings and even alternate dispute resolution options such as mediation.

What divorcing couples should know about financial issues

Divorce can be a difficult time for Michigan residents who are going through the process. Many financial and family law issues, ranging from child custody to property division, can come up, which the parties will have to face head-on whether they like it or not. In some cases, the parties may earnestly consider negotiating a settlement agreement to make it easier. However, during such negotiations it is important to ensure that both sides are represented and that one party is not getting the short end of the stick.

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