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April 2014 Archives

Who gets the beloved family pet following a divorce?

Most of our Michigan readers have heard or read about the estimate that nearly 50 percent of all marriages in the U.S. result in a divorce. However, what many may not know is that according to some research estimates, about 62 percent of U.S. household have at least one pet. Thus, many couples who own a pet may wonder about what the fate of their beloved pet may be if they were to divorce and what options they have to avoid legal issues which may arise concerning the pet in a divorce.

Divorce, taxes and retirement plans: issues to consider

Regardless of the whether or not a divorce was agreeable or highly contentious, the tax implications of this life-changing event can get complex, particularly when it comes to retirement plans and asset division. As most people across the nation work to complete their taxes, those who divorced last year likely have to consider how the divorce impacts them, particularly when it comes to assets held in retirement plans. Even though every financial agreement or arrangement between parties in a marriage varies, Michigan residents may find it interesting to learn that it is not uncommon for only one spouse to have a retirement plan. In a divorce, retirement plans are considered to be a marital asset and dividing it up has tax implications.

The impact of high-conflict divorce on the well-being of children

Separation after marriage is not only a challenge for the parties involved but also an emotionally agonizing experience. Despite being a difficult time for all involved including the parents and children, when two people are diametrically opposed divorce happens. In fact, in some cases seeking a divorce may be the only viable option for the psychological well-being of all affected.

Michigan parental rights case gets complex

For both the physical and psychological well-being of children, it is important for them to be in a loving home with caring and responsible parents. However, in the best interest of a child and to prevent harm to them, there are times when courts may be forced to terminate parental rights.

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