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July 2013 Archives

Importance of flexibility in matters of alimony

When couples decide to divorce, some may be able to civilly and amicably resolve their issues and have a fast, uncomplicated divorce. On the other hand, other couples may have to tackle complicated family law issues ranging from alimony to visitation, which may take longer to resolve. Regardless, divorce is not an easy process for anyone involved.

Celebrity chef hopes divorce ends swiftly and amicably

Food Network fans in Michigan may find it interesting to learn that chef Nigella Lawson and her husband have announced that they hope to end their marriage as swiftly and as amicably as possible by the end of this month.

Amid child custody dispute, mother, daughter detained in Brazil

In the family-oriented culture of the Midwest, most Michigan parents understand the importance of spending time with their children. In cases of divorce and relocation, most parents also recognize the importance of promoting meaningful contact with the non-custodial parent. Unfortunately, the efforts of a 33-year-old American woman to promote meaningful contact between her 6-year-old daughter and the girl's Brazilian father have turned into an international child custody dispute. Police in the South American country of Brazil have confiscated their passports, preventing the mother and child from leaving the country.

Is MI ban on same-sex marriage in the best interest of children?

In the wake of the historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, and a federal judge's ruling that overturned a Michigan state law prohibiting Michigan public employees in same-sex domestic partnerships from getting the same benefits given to heterosexual couples, many Michigan residents may be wondering what all this means for same-sex couples and any children they may have in the state. At the present time, the DOMA ruling does not impact Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage. However, there is case before a U.S. District Court judge regarding the status of same-sex marriage in Michigan. The case was brought by a same-sex couple who claim that Michigan's failure to recognize same-sex marriage not only creates inequalities for them but also for their children. In this case, both the women are nurses and one woman has two adopted children, while her partner has one adopted child. All the children are being raised under one roof as siblings.

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