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April 2012 Archives

Michigan medical debt collectors: coming to a hospital near you?

Debt collection companies work with companies that people owe money to in order to try to collect all or part of that debt. Many times people who owe debt are called and sent letters constantly asking them for the money and trying to gather information about that person's finances. A new report suggests that some debt collectors are confronting patients at their hospital beside to collect medical debt, including at a healthcare system in Michigan. In some cases hospitals have allegedly allowed debt collectors into their departments, sometimes not representing themselves as debt collectors.

Many students have, don't understand credit card debt

Going to college is a big life change for many students. It means more independence, including more financial independence for most students. According to a new study, 70 percent of students in the United States have credit cards, and less than 10 percent of those students pay off their credit cards each month.

Cash strapped pro-athletes turn to bankruptcy

Bankruptcy isn't just for the low income or unemployed. The debt relief practice is the right of every American citizen, and celebrities are no exception. That should come as consolation to the some 78 percent of NFL players and 60 percent of NBA players that Sports Illustrated reports claim insolvency within two years of retirement.