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March 2012 Archives

Have student loans? Beware of exploitation by debt collectors

With around $67 billion of student loans in default, the United States government has turned over many collection actions to private companies. And no surprise, collectors who work on commission sometimes don't play fair.

Breaking the bank: Rising health care costs put families in debt

As health care costs increase, so too do the number of families who encounter problems paying medical bills and associated fees. Both public and private insurance companies often transfer the rising price of care to beneficiaries, leaving them scrambling to cope with plump premiums and large out of pocket expenses.

Crooked debt collectors trick consumers

The Federal Trade Commission recently issued a warning to consumers: Refrain from paying debts you do not owe. While this cautionary advice may seem like a tutorial in common sense, individuals in Michigan and across the nation have been targeted by a debt collection scam that intimidates its victims into shelling out cash.