Bankruptcy law and medical bills

Bankruptcy law and medical bills

There are many Michigan residents who have suffered medical setbacks that have cost them a fortune. Sometimes, medical providers are willing to offer payment plans in order to help people pay their bills. However, some providers will not be so forgiving. Those who are drowning in medical debt may turn to a bankruptcy law attorney who may be able to assist them in seeking economic relief.

Medical care can be a great thing, until the bill arrives. People are grateful for the service, but many simply cannot afford it. According to a recent news article, approximately one out of every four Americans cannot afford or struggles to pay their medical bills.

What can a person who cannot meet his or her debt obligations to a medical provider do? There are actually a few things that may work. First, it is important to review a bill for any unnecessary, duplicate or false charges. Then, it is possible to:

  • Negotiate the balance owed?
  • Apply for financial assistance
  • Request an affordable payment plan
  • Consider legal debt relief options

Sometimes, even if a medical provider is willing to try and work out an affordable solution, one’s financial situation may be in such a bad place that making any sort of payment is impossible. This is where a bankruptcy law attorney may be able to help Michigan residents. Medical debt may be discharged through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Those who meet the eligibility requirements may pursue this debt relief option and, if one’s petition receives court approval, medical and all other eligible debts may be wiped clean.

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