Arrest warrant issued after Chief Keef fails to pay child support

Arrest warrant issued after Chief Keef fails to pay child support

Many of our readers probably follow popular culture, show biz and celebrity news. In most cases, such media reports highlight some controversy, such as a criminal or family law matter that a celebrity is entangled in. Michigan residents may have heard that 18-year-old rapper Chief Keef recently had a warrant issued for his arrest by a judge for failing to appear in court on a child support matter.

In this particular case the rapper allegedly owes over $10,000 in child support arrears to the mother of his 17-month-old infant daughter. According to the mother of his child, earlier in the year Chief Keef made several child support payments. However, he was apparently not able to keep up with his monthly child support obligations. Chief Keef was court ordered to pay a little over $1,600 a month in child support and about $5,000 in back child support payments. Furthermore, he was mandated to get health care insurance for his daughter, which he did get. However, according to reports, the rapper allegedly has not had any contact with his daughter for a few months, and in addition to this child support case the 18-year-old rapper has another child support case pending in court.

Furthermore, the rapper apparently has been in trouble with the law for various infractions, from driving at excessive speeds to disorderly conduct and DUI. Reports also indicate that he was recently evicted from his mansion after he fell behind in rental payment by about $30,000.

Most parents ordered to pay child support may not realize it but stopping or not making court-ordered child support payments can lead a court to issue a warrant for one’s arrest. In some cases, unforeseen circumstances such as an eviction, job loss or medical issue may leave parents unable to make their monthly payments. However, a court will not know of difficult circumstances unless that parent files a petition for modification of the child support payment. Thus, rather than letting child support payments get out of control and accrue, it is important to file a petition to modify child support and resolve the issue early on before the amount becomes unmanageable.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Arrest warrant for Chief Keef in child support case,” Kim Geiger, July 14, 2014

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