Are you embroiled in a child custody dispute?

Are you embroiled in a child custody dispute?

In Michigan, courts use a 12-factor test to determine a custody arrangement. Courts consider these 12 factors in order to determine what is in the best interest of the child or children. Recently divorced couples with children, couples who are in the process of divorces with children or individuals who have never been married, but have a child together, likely have to deal with child custody and parenting time issues. Parenting time is the more modern term for visitation. Disputes between parties regarding who should get physical and legal custody of children and what the parenting time should be like for the non-custodial parent can arise.

When such disputes arise, our Michigan residents will find it helpful to learn that the staff at the Smith Law Offices, P.C., have years of experiences in family law. We will evaluate the specific facts of your case, apply the 12-factor test that MI courts use to your individual circumstances and give you a honest assessment of your case. Meeting our client face-to-face and discussing all available legal options is important to us.

Circumstances in people’s lives change. Thus, regardless of the stage of your child custody and parenting time dispute, we will take the time to explain legal terminology and the implications of legal, physical, sole and joint custody. Developing a parent-child relationship is important and we will work hard to put together a parenting plan that promotes a meaningful relationship with both parents.

When develop a parenting plan, it is important to take into consideration the educational needs of the child, religious upbringing, medical expenses and any other special needs the child may have. Where necessary, we can help with the drafting and filing of modification petition regarding custody or parenting time. Child custody and parenting time disputes can be difficult for all involved. However, we can help and will work closely with you to get a result that is in the best interest of all involved.

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