Are you being harassed by debt collectors?

Are you being harassed by debt collectors?

Unfortunately, it can be inevitable for many people to fall on hard times. When Michigan residents struggle with debt, they have several different relief options. However, some of these options can provide more than just debt relief.

Some options offer freedom from debt collector harassment. It is important to understand what debt collector harassment can look like and what filing for bankruptcy can do to stop it.

Easily detected harassment

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau discusses how debt collectors may harass people in debt. Their tactics vary from case to case. In some instances, they use bold and obvious tactics. Other times, their tactics may appear more underhanded or hard to detect.

Bold tactics often include things like threatening or yelling at the victim. Debt collectors may curse at the victim. They may threaten bodily harm. But it is more common for these collectors to threaten a victim’s belongings. They may tell you that if you do not pay, they will take your car or house. They may make explicit threats against your family, saying that they will be out on the street if you do not comply.

Subtle harassment tactics

More subtle threats include tactics like public shaming. In some cases, debt collectors will post public lists of people in debt. The intention is to force these victims to face public shame for their debts. It also discourages other companies or banks from lending money to the victims.

Filing for bankruptcy can help get these debtors off of your back. After you file for bankruptcy, debt collectors must back off by law. This makes it a viable and attractive option to many people suffering from debt.

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