Annulment or divorce, a family law attorney can help

Annulment or divorce, a family law attorney can help

When a marriage falls apart, it is not always easy trying to decide how to officially end it. For some Michigan residents the answer is simple: file for divorce. For others, there may be a desire to seek an annulment. No matter which one a person is interested in, a family law attorney can help.

When pursing a divorce, there are a number of ways in which it can be approached. There is litigation, private negotiations or various alternative dispute resolution process available. All of them can help a person achieve a satisfactory dissolution settlement.

The purpose of an annulment is quite different than the purpose of a divorce. Divorce is all about dividing property, figuring out custody matters and coming to terms on financial support — among other things. An annulment is all about completely wiping the marriage from one’s record. The only way to do this is in court, and it is only available under certain circumstances — such as the marriage was forced or one spouse committed fraud of some sort, among a couple of other reasons.

Why an individual decides to end his or her marriage is personal. How this is accomplished is also very personal. There is not one right way that suits everyone. No matter how Michigan residents wish to dissolve their marriages, whether through divorce or annulment, a family law attorney can be there at one’s side throughout the entire process, offering guidance, support and ready to fight to protect the best interests of the client.

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