Actress Paula Patton files for divorce

Actress Paula Patton files for divorce

Michigan fans of the American action spy movie Mission Impossible may find it interesting to learn that the female lead actress, Paula Patton of the latest Mission Impossible installment Ghost Protocol recently filed for divorce from her husband. According to reports, the couple had been separated for nearly eight months before Patton filed divorce paperwork.

In her divorce filing, Patton cited irreconcilable differences between her and her husband. The couple had been married for nearly eight years, and have 4-year-old son together. In this particular case, Patton filed the divorce paperwork pro per, which in essence means that she did not hire an attorney. In her divorce paperwork, Patton is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their 4-year-old son, has not requested alimony or spousal support, but notes that property division is yet to determined or decided between the parties. It is unclear if her husband of eight years has an attorney.

However, given that Patton filed the divorce papers without an attorney, media reports speculated that the divorce between the parties might be a peaceful and amicable one. In fact, about five months after the couple separated, they listed their nearly three million-dollar home for sale.

Clearly Patton and her husband are facing some common legal issues that arise during a divorce such as child custody, property division, and though child support was not mentioned in this case, depending on the custody arrangement and potentially any agreement between the parties one of them may be required to pay child support.

Regardless of whether one is a celebrity or not, divorce can affect anyone and the issues that arise during a divorce are fairly common. In some cases, the parties may be able to amicably resolve the issue, but in other cases one or both sides may need to consult with a family law attorney.

Source: New York Daily News, “Paula Patton files for divorce from Robin Thicke after eight years of marriage,” Nancy Dillon and Nina Golgowski, Oct. 8, 2014

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