A family law attorney’s role during divorce season

A family law attorney’s role during divorce season

Divorce season — does Michigan have such a thing? According to a study from a leading university, yes it might. When is it? What is a family law attorney’s role during divorce season?

According to a recent report, divorce season actually comes twice a year. The first is in March, soon after all the winter holidays and when everyone is get their finances in order for tax season. The second is in August, just before children start school.

Researchers believe that holidays have a big impact on when a couple will file for divorce. Some couples like to use the holiday seasons to attempt to work out their problems. Others simply want to keep things somewhat normal for their children while they are home on break. While there is no perfect time to file for divorce, in between holidays seems to be ideal so that everyone has the chance to get used to the new family dynamic before the next holiday season.

Not every couple has a need to fight things out in divorce court. Some are able to negotiate perfectly fair and adequate settlements on their own. Regardless of how one’s divorce is handled, having an attorney on hand can prove invaluable when it comes to achieving a fair settlement.

The process of dissolving a marriage, no matter how amicable it is, can be difficult. There are a lot of issues that need to be worked out so that both parties walk away satisfied with their property and financial settlements, and — if applicable — custody arrangements. A family law attorney can help someone divorcing in Michigan achieve the settlement terms that best serves the interests of the client and his or her family by assisting with negotiations or litigating matters in court.

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