A divorce law attorney can prove helpful during mediation

A divorce law attorney can prove helpful during mediation

Not every Michigan couple wants to head to divorce court in order to end their marriages. It is okay. There are other options. For example, with the assistance of a divorce law attorney, one may be able to achieve agreeable divorce terms through the mediation process.

What is mediation? Mediation is when a couple meets to discuss the terms of their dissolution. This they will do in an informal setting with a mediator present. The job of the mediator is to provide information and keep negotiations moving along. It is not the mediator’s job to pick sides; the person in this position has to remain neutral at all times.

One’s attorney may be present during mediation settings, or one can have legal counsel review any settlement terms before any final decisions are made and settlement documents signed. It all depends on with what one feels most comfortable. The main benefit of mediation is that the couple is in control of their divorce process. They are not dependent on a judge making all the decisions for them, and they decide how big a role they want their attorneys to play.

Is mediation always easy? No. It can take time, and sometimes, negotiations may stall, as each party may have a different idea on what is fair. This does not mean it cannot work. Michigan residents who are considering ending their marriages, and who wish to stay away from court, can turn to a divorce law attorney with mediation experience to help them resolve their divorce cases in the smoothest manner possible.

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