3 ways to try and make your divorce amicable

3 ways to try and make your divorce amicable

The divorce process can be highly stressful at the best of times. Lengthy and contentious litigation can often be quite costly, both emotionally and financially. 

Unsurprisingly, this is not an exciting prospect for many spouses. As a result, couples in Michigan often seek ways to have an uncontested divorce. Essentially, an uncontested divorce means that spouses reach agreements on the distribution of property, child custody or spousal support without a judge needing to intervene.

Outlined below are three ways that may help you and your spouse achieve an amicable divorce: 

Consider divorce mediation 

Many spouses find mediation to be a beneficial experience. These alternative dispute resolution sessions occur before a third-party mediator whose sole goal is to help agitate you and your spouse toward a compromise. Spouses can significantly reduce the cost of a divorce and make the process go much more quickly by pursuing mediation.

Set aside your bitterness and focus on the future 

Admittedly, setting aside your anger can be challenging. However, it’s unlikely that allowing your anger to get the best of you will help your cause. You might find it best to maintain a positive outlook about your future when unexpected or uncomfortable issues arise during the divorce negotiation process. 

Don’t keep your emotions bottled up  

Many spouses don’t often want to tackle their emotional baggage as they’re going through a divorce. However, talking to someone may help you to move towards a resolution with your spouse. Talking to a mental health counselor may help you better manage the stress that your divorce has caused.  

Aiming for an amicable divorce is often in the best interest of all parties. Furthermore, familiarizing yourself with your legal rights and obligations can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.  

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