2 changes you may see in DUI laws

2 changes you may see in DUI laws

Drunk driving has long been an issue that experts have studied with the goal of reducing instances. However, if you face a drunk driving charge in Michigan, you may understand how difficult it can be to know you are over the legal blood alcohol content level. A couple drinks could easily put you over the limit in Michigan even if you do not feel the effects.

In any case, the effort to stop drunk driving and impose harsher sentences on those found guilty of DUI is in full swing. In fact, there is a push now to get tougher laws in place that would have a great effect on drivers. Here’s a look at two possible changes you may see in the future with DUI laws in this state.

  1. Mandatory ignition interlock devices

According to Forbes, experts believe making ignition interlock devices a standard part of the punishment for any DUI charge would help greatly reduce repeat offenses. Currently, these devices are used occasionally. Implementing a law that made them mandatory for anyone with a DUI conviction would also increase the costs of getting a DUI since those convicted would have to pay for the device and maintenance.

  1. Lowering limit to .05%

Another push from experts is lowering the legal BAC limit to .05%. This is much lower than the current .08%. As you can imagine, a limit this low would basically mean you cannot have more than one drink without going over the limit. This would encourage people to wait before driving after drinking. Experts say it could lower the number of drunk driving incidents substantially. However, a concern is that it could increase the number of DUI charges since this limit is exceptionally low.

These recommendations come from expert research, along with looking at existing laws in other states. The information shows that stiffer laws such as these could help reduce drunk driving.

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